Planning to visit friends and family in US? Or is it a leisure & exploration trip to US? Nevertheless, if you are an Indian you’ll need to have US B2 visa which is appropriate for short term non-business travel trips.

Basically there 2 types of US Visas, immigrant visa and non-immigrant visa, in the immigrant visa, people apply for a permanent residence in US, these are usually the international students who’ve studied in USA (hyperlink this with ‘Study in USA’ web page) and fulfil the basic criteria, whereas non-immigrant visa is for people who want to visit United States for a short period of time for visiting family, friends, part time courses, tour.. Etc.

B2 Visa is a non-immigrant US visa which allows individuals to enter the country for a short period which may be for family purposes, tourism or for recreation activities. B2 Visa holders are free to visit various cities and tourist destinations, be a part of many events conducted by organizations, take up short term courses, and for medical treatment purposes.

If you are someone looking out for visa for Business trips then B1 visa would be an appropriate choice for you. It allows an individual to negotiate contracts, be a part of conference or conventions, consultation with the business associates in US.

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Following are the documents which are required to file visa application

  • Your passport (New as well as all previous expired passports)
  • Proof of required funds
  • Printout of the appointment letter for the US Visa interview
  • Air ticket
  • Letter with proper reasoning for visiting US
  • Details of your accommodation at US
  • Supporting documents and insurance 


Following are the things which you’ll be required to do.

  • Submit the Form DS-160
  • Pay the visa Fees
  • Schedule a visa interview at US Embassy or with any consulate
  •  Attend the interview


  • Usually B2 visa is issued for duration of 6 months
  • You must present evidences or must be able to persuade US consular officials believe that you will return to your home country and in no way you are visiting US to become an immigrant.
  • You need to have proof of medical health insurance.
  • Make sure you have printout of appointment letter, all your passports, supporting documents (if any).
  • An extension of up to 6 months is possible but the approval of the same depends on USCIS.
  • Typically the Visa is processed in 3-4 days &may take up to 9-10 days for you to receive it. The passport will also be couriered to you.


  • Make sure you apply for your visa interview in your home country, this way it will be much easier and hassle free process.
  • Make sure you check the wait time; it completely depends on the venue, the category of visa you are applying for.
  • You must have all the required documents and supporting documents (if any)
  • You are not allowed to take friends, family or business contacts to your non-immigrant visa interview.
  • You need to have the receipt of transaction fees & also the visa application fees in a printed form.
  • Children below 14 years are not required to visit consulate or embassy for the interview, same goes for adults who are above 80 years, though consular can choose to interview any visa applicant.
  • Make sure you are well-prepared for the interview.

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