How do I know which country is best for me?

This is possibly the biggest factor one needs to consider when planning to study abroad. Nowadays almost every country is willing to accept international student in their institutions, hence with so many opportunities available all you need to do is ask yourself

  • Is studying this course in this particular country going to benefit me in future
  • Is It something that I can afford?
  • In what kind of environment I’d like to study aboard

It is also advised that student carefully recognize their priorities and how going abroad for studies could impact their career. One also needs to consider the popular courses in that particular country and the popularity of the institution which they’ll be studying at.

What would be the total cost I need to bear to study abroad

The tuition fees highly depend on the country, fees structure, course and the type of degree the student likes to pursue. Usually most of the public institution has a very nominal fee and the private institutions usually charge more.

Another major factor which students needs to consider is the cost of living this depends on the kind of accommodation, lifestyle of the student, city, transportation they opt for, food.

We at Dhruv consultancy make it a point that each and every student who wish to study abroad is well aware of all the costs, and also all the options of scholarships available to them.

Which tests do I need to give to study abroad?

The requirements of test depends on the country but the most accepted exams which are generally accepted all around the world are TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT, PTE.
It is possible that some institutions don’t require the above mentioned tests, but there are many universities that require the student to have these tests.

At Dhruv we advise and make sure that you give the tests which you need to depending on the kind of college, degree and country.

How do I find accommodation abroad?

Usually colleges offer on-campus accommodations, the hostels are also an option for the students which are completely on the first-come-first-serve basis. We usually advice our students to opt for on-campus accommodation preferably for the initial days as it gives time to students to absorb new environment and staying on campus gives them opportunity to know more people.
Most of countries have the option like shared-hostel with attached kitchen and fixed meal plans for students who don’t want to live on-campus.

At Dhruv, we make sure our students doesn’t face any problems hence, we help them find accommodation option especially in the initial days.

Will I get the opportunity to work while studying?

Usually most of the countries allows international student to do work part-time while they study. Countries allow international students to work upt0 15-20 hours part time on weekly basis. The working rules vary from country to country. For example, students in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are allowed to work but the rules are quiet different for UK.

Will I be able to get a job search visa or a post-study work visa after I am done studying?

The availability of job search visa depends on the course which the student is doing, the duration of the course and the country

  • USA: The student gets 1 year of practical training period once he/she has completed the course and this is completely optional
  • GERMANY: The student gets 1 year of the job search opportunities after the completion of the course
  • IRELAND: The students get 1 year of job search visa after they have completed the course
  • AUSTRALIA: Australia allows student to have 2 years of job search visa for the students who have completed the course
  • CANADA: The students can get somewhere between 1-3 years of post study visa, depending totally upon the duration of the chosen course

Do I have the option to go for educational loan for my foreign education?

Absolutely yes! There are many students who opt for bank loan to finance one’s education; there are many nationalized and multinational banks that can provide students with loans at really affordable rates, depending upon the eligibility.

Do I have the option to bring my spouse with me when I am studding?

Usually most of the countries allow students to bring their dependents with them. But the visa of the dependent or spouse will completely depend on the country they choose,