Q1- Is Canada visitor visa also called temporary resident visa?

Yes! A Temporary Resident Visa also called as ‘visitor’s visa’ or ‘entry visa’. Having temporary resident visa gives you the permission to enter the country.

Q2- Can you tell me more about the funds that I need to show for a tourist visa?

There is No fixed amount which you are required to show, however to prove that you have sufficient money to stay in Canada you should have enough funds that cover your expense, on average 100 Canadian dollars on day to day basis would be enough. So you should have somewhere around 3000 CAD on per month basis.

Q3- Do I need to show my air ticket to get the tourist visa?

Yes, we suggest our clients to book a refundable air ticket so that you have the option to cancel the ticket if your visa application is rejected.

Q4- Do I have the option to visit USA with Canada tourist visa?

You will require a US-based visa to visit the country, you can either apply for Visa when in Canada or from your home country before beginning of the trip. Check out ‘how to get US Visitor Visa’ (hyper link to the web-page of US tourist visa) for more information regarding USA tourist visa.

Q5- How long does visa processing for Canada generally take?

It usually takes up to 20-25 days to complete the entire visa procedure. The authorities will complete the visa processing within 15 days of application. It is always advisable to apply for the visa one month before the date of travelling.

Q6- Will I need to go and submit the biometrics?

Yes, Bio metrics are required as per the mandate of Canadian government; these will also be collected if you wish to renew your exiting visa.

Q7- Can I get the processing fees back? If my tourist visa has been rejected?

No, once you have paid the fees for visa application will not be returned to you, doesn’t matter if your tourist visa is approved or cancelled. The visa application fees the application fees which you pay.

Q8- Do I require NOC?

You need to have NOC from your employer/school/college and also from the government that they have no objection for your overseas visit. You are required to attach the same in your visa application.

Q9- For how long is my Canada visitor visa valid?

For single entry visa the validity is 6 months as compared to 10 years for multiple entry visa or one month before the final expiry date of your passport, whichever is shorter.

Q10- What is the difference between a single entry and a multiple entry visa?

In single entry visa you are only allowed to enter once in Canada, whereas in multiple entry visa you can enter the country for more than once.

If you have a multiple entry visa you can travel to Canada for a total period of 6 months and as many times as you’d like to. Single entry visa is ideal for a person who intends to go for official trip.

Q11- Do I need to have travel insurance to visit Canada?

Looking at the existing norms it is mandatory for you to have travel insurance, the medical assistance in Canada is quiet expensive hence it is advisable to have a travel insurance policy when travelling to Canada.