Q1- For how long is my US tourist visa valid?

The Tourist Visa’s validity can range from 1 month to 10 years. You are allowed single, double or multiple entries to United States but 6 months are the maximum period of stay. Generally all 10 year visas are multiple entry visa.

Q2- How much money would I need to show for the US tourist visa?

There are no official figures or limit which is to be shown for the US tourist visa but, the amount should be enough to cover the accommodation, medical insurance, shopping, air tickets…etc. you need to show the amount in accordance with the duration of your stay. It is always advised to show a little higher amount for safety. The money must be present in your bank account or your sponsor’s.

Q3- What are the eligibility criteria for B2 visa?

1) Applicant must prove that they are visiting for short term only and they will be back. They must persuade the consular that they will back as soon as the expiry or at the end of extension date & they don’t plan to apply for permanent residency in US.

2) Applicant must have a valid passport and also the previous expired passports (if any

3) Applicant should have enough funds to show that would cover their stay at US and that they can support themselves financially.

Q4- Will I get the refund if my tourist visa application is not approved?

No, once you have paid the fees for visa application will not be returned to you, doesn’t matter if your tourist visa is approved or cancelled. The visa application fees the application fees which you pay.

Q5- What if I accidently damage my tourist visa?

Yes, Bio metrics are required as per the mandate of Canadian government; these will also be collected if you wish to renew your exiting visa.Well, if your tourist visa is damaged then you need to reapply for the same. But if the visa which was damaged had been issued recently then there’s no need for you to go through the interview process, this would make the process faster.

Q6- When would be the right time for me to apply for US Visa if I plan to visit?

The usual processing time is somewhere between 3-5 days, there are chances that it may be extended for up to 10-12 weeks (for verification purposes) hence, one should prepare to apply for the visa at least 3-4 months prior to the date of the trip.

Q7- My existing visa is about to expire? What should I do?

The Non-immigrant visas like B1, B2 etc must be applied as altogether a new application. You don’t have the option of ‘visa renewal’ for non-immigrant visa.

Q8- Is there any difference between single entry and multiple entry visas?

Yes! In single entry visa you can only enter US one time. But in multiple entry visa you are free to come back to USA based on the expiry date of visa

Q9- How do I know if I’ve got single entry visa or multiple entry visa stamps?

Check your visa stamp, if you see “M” then you’ve got multiple entry validity.

Q10- Can I travel to other countries from USA?

Yes, you surely can. Provided you have the visa of the country you are going to and also have Multiple entry US tourist visa