Q1- How much money do I need to have for immigrating to Canada?

You will have to prove that you at least have $10,000CAD. The settlement fund can vary depending on the location, lifestyle these are costs excluding airfares and miscellaneous moving costs
One adult moving to Canada would require $25,000CAD
Couple moving to Canada requires $30,000CAD (together)
Couple with 1 kid below/above 10 years requires 30,000-35,000CAD
So basically you need to have amount that would easily cover 4-6 months of basic living expenses

Q2- How do I know which program is right for me to move to Canada?

It is really important that you do a thorough research before applying through any program, you must look at your priorities, interest, eligibility… etc this process as a whole can be a lot tedious and confusing, this is where our experienced team of counselors can help you guide and select the best one which suits your goals, priorities, interest and many other things. We at Dhruv Consultancy make sure that our clients are well aware of recent policy changes, important dates so you don’t miss out on anything.

Q3- Can you tell me about the Canada immigration process from India?

Here it is

  • Collect your educational credentials
  •  Get the IELTS scorecard
  •  Apply for the region where you wish to work or settle under Province Nominee Program
  • Get/calculate your CRS score
  • Collect your invitation to apply (ITA)
  • Go through required criminal background and basic medical checks
  • Get your PR confirmation

Q4-is there any age ceiling for immigrating to Canada?

According to the official website of government of Canada there’s no ceiling or specific age defined, applicants get points for their age and the maximum age limit for Canada PR will be somewhere between 45-47, because if applicant is over 47 they will not obtain points for that and points play vital role in getting PR.

Q5- I am a skilled worker how can I migrate to Canada?

⦁ So, there are 3 immigration programs focused on helping skilled workers to migrate to Canada.

 ⦁Federal skilled trades program

The government of Canada releases a list of skill trades which are in shortage or in deficit of laborers. Based on that list you may apply for FSTP.

 ⦁Federal skilled trades program

If you are someone already working in Canada under a Canadian employer on a temporary work permit and if the employer offers you a permanent job, the next step for you is to apply under FSWP program for PR.

 ⦁Canadian Experience class

Applicants under CEC must at least have 1 year of proper skilled work experience in Canada, it is best suited for skilled workers who are also temporary workers.