Q1- How long would it take for the whole immigration process to complete?

It usually takes 3 months if you have all the required points and skills. This is highly depended on the individual circumstances; sometimes it may end up taking 10-12months also.

Q2- Can I know the eligibility requirements to apply for PR visa to Australia?

1.  you need to have at-least 65 points on your point grid.

2.  It is preferred that your age is below 45 because if its above 45 you won’t get points for it.

3. Criminal check and background check is part of the process, hence make sure you have   good character and no criminal records.

4. The skill/occupation you are applying for must be in the skill/labor shortage list.

5. You need to have a competent level of proficiency in English.

Q3- Exactly how many points do I need to immigrate to Australia?

We suggest that your primary step should be to ensure that you fulfill the bare minimum criteria for migration. You will have to score at least 65 points on the point grid to qualify for the visa process. If you are looking for PR visa a skill assessment will be done by the concerned authorities & if they find it promising then you will be allowed to submit your application.

Q4- What benefits can I expect if I get PR visa?

1.  you will be free to go & live in any part of Australia.

2.  Once you get your PR you will automatically become eligible for subsidized or free health care and educational facilities.

3. Your children born in Australia will naturally become its citizens.

4. You will get the right to travel to New Zealand and will also be able to apply for visa there too.

5.You will automatically become eligible to apply for the government jobs.

Q5- Is there any standard IELTS that I need to obtain to apply for Australia visa?

The IELTS score which you need to obtain highly depends on the kind of visa you are applying for, your eligibility requirements & finally your occupation. Hence you need to assess all these factors to find the IELTS scores needed.

Q6- Am I allowed to bring my family dependent’s with me?

Yes, most of the visas allow you to have the opportunity to move your dependents with you provided they meet certain criteria.

Q7- With so many options available how do I know which visa to apply for?

Well, that’s what we are here for, our experienced team at Dhruv make sure that our clients are well informed and updated with the latest knowledge, we suggest you the best visa depending on your future goals, skills & strength of your application.

Q8- Will I be able to work in Australia?

  •  Yes, why not. You can apply for jobs in Australia provided your visa has no working restrictions.

There are many visa that don’t allow you to work like

  •  If you are on a tourist visa you cannot work whatsoever
  • If you are on student visa, you are only allowed to work for 20hours per week. Checkout Study in Australia (link it to ‘Study in Australia’ webpage) for more details regarding student visa.