Being a developed country, Australia has a strong economy, well-paid jobs, and a good reputation for being a welcoming country to migrants with high standards’ of living. It is also featured as one of the best country to live in the world


Free health care:

The Medicare system gives you access to wide range of health care services for free, if you are a citizen of Australia you automatically become eligible for enrolling into Medicare. You also receive free accommodation & treatment in public hospitals.

Free or subsidized education:

The education system in Australia provides free or subsidized primary, secondary and tertiary education. Australian education system uses a more holistic based approach with equal amount of focus on academics as well as on sports… etc.

Robust economy:

Australian dollar is considered as one of the safest currencies in the world the credit goes to the strong and stable economy. The minimum wage rate in Australia is $17.50 per hour, which is way more as compared to other developed countries.

Easy citizenship:

All the permanent residents can qualify to become Australian citizen. Australia also provides an option of dual citizenship.

Vibrant cities:

Australian cities are among the best viable cities of the world. Melbourne was on the top position. The position is given keeping in mind the culture, infrastructure, healthcare system, and environment.


  • Choose your occupation from the SOL/CSOL to apply.
  • You need to get your skill assessment from a relevant assessing authority.
  • You have to submit & show the expression of interest on Skill Select
  • If everything goes right your profile will be selected & you’ll have to submit the application and the immigration fees in the next 50-60 days for the final visa approval

Below mentioned are various visa subclasses which would help you to take the path of Australia immigration.

Subclass 189:

It is a permanent visa especially for the individuals who have the required skills which are in demand in the country’s labor market. If you are someone who has good proficiency in English, good quality of qualification in a vocation or the skill, employment experience then this would be the right choice for you. The assessment is strictly points based, hence you need to have at least 65 points under the point calculator. The points are given on factors such as age, English proficiency, work experience, qualifications. The visa fee under visa subclass is $3755 AUD.

Subclass 190:

It’s a point-based permanent residence permit, it is meant for those trade people who have been nominated by the Australian state. The deciding score of Australian PR is 65 points, which would enable the candidate to attain a permanent residency. The processing time of subclass 190 visa is generally around 190 days. The visa fee under subclass is $3755.

Subclass 491:

This visa category was recently introduced in 2019; this is also a point tested visa for skilled workers who want to live and work in particular regional area. The 491 visa is a five-year residency visa, if you meet all the required guidelines and eligibility requirements you may apply for a permanent residency in Australia. You need to fulfil the below mentioned requirements to apply for PR.
You should have worked and lived in Australian regional for a minimum of 3 years and also must have earnings of more than $50,000.

Subclass 188 (Business innovation & investment)

This visa has validity of 4 years and is best suited for ambitious investors and business owners who want to set-up their business in Australia. There are 2 categories under this visa which are Business innovation stream and investor stream.

Business stream is for people who have the business skills & want to manage, develop existing business in Australia.

Investor stream is for individuals who wish to make a nominated investment off 1.5million (approx) in an Australian business, state and maintain that activity in Australia. You may file for PR if you have successfully maintained an investment in Australia for 4 years.

Subclass 132 (Australia business talent permanent)

It’s a permanent residence visa, it is a specialist permit tailored for high net worth people who are below the age of 55 and have a excellent commercial background. The candidate should aim to settle in a particular regional area & also aim to set up business that would give economical boost to the regional area/ state. This visa can only be gained if you get an invite.


  • Minimum points required are 65 in the points grid
  • It is preferred that you are below 45 years
  • Proof of experience in particular field
  •  IELTS/PTE score card
  •  Supporting and proofs
  •  Your occupation/skill should be nominated in the shortage skill list


Different visa categories have different documentation requirements but there are a few things in common in all.

  • Identity proof (PAN Card, voter ID, birth certificate & marriage certificate)
  •  Proof of your experience that you have sufficient work experience in particular field which is required by state
  • Score card of basic standardized English tests like IELTS/PTE
  •  Police clearance certificate for criminal background checks
  • Fee receipt of visa application fees.

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