We provide a complete in-depth one to one free counselling for students to chart their career path for a successful education abroad, right from the course selection to student taking their dream flight. We guide students through the maze of questions and provide the best suitable solutions to them considering all the parameters and ensuring that they choose the best career path out there.


We understand how selecting a course can be an overwhelming task. But hey, this is exactly what we can assist you with. We pay personal attention to help students to choose courses that perfectly integrates with student’s aspirations and overall future goals. Our experienced and trained counselors have the latest information on job prospects and other required details which make the selection process more promising. The best part is Students are always satisfied with our prescribed courses and the university selection.


Each country has its own pros, cons and unique characteristics; at Dhruv we help students in weighing these unique features against their requirements. Some countries might be well-reputed in the field of IT but may not necessarily be good in business or arts courses. We make sure that our clients get all the information they need regarding the country, post study visa status, working policies…etc.


We provide personalized attention to student’s application and make sure all the areas of the application are well presented, making the process hassle and error free for students. We also assist our students with references and statement of purpose. We regularly keep updating ourselves regarding the updated university admission criteria and assist students in making the right choice by selecting the right university.


Countries like Canada, Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand requires some English proficiency test like IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which measures the language proficiency of people who wish to study in countries where English is used for communication. To make sure the students give their best, we have created an online course for IELTS aspirant, doesn’t matter wherever you are in the world; all you need is an internet connection to access your exclusive course. We make sure that aspirants get the best quality of content to prepare from. For more information please feel free to reach us.


Studying abroad requires an individual to have a strong financial background, but if you are someone who thinks you don’t have enough funds, we at Dhruv provide you a list of banks offering educational loans that are accepted by the governing bodies. We also like to make sure that all of our students are well aware of the various costs which they’ll need to bear. For further details on educational loans feel free to reach out to us.


We ensure that our students don’t face any problems by helping them in filling up visa application, prepare them for visa interview, listing out the necessary financial documents and throughout the visa application process. We constantly keep updating ourselves with latest changes in visa documentation rules and have a high successful rate!


We make sure that our students have a great flight; hence we take care of booking flights well in advance also select the best airlines & routes available with best discounts and suitable travel policies